What would you like young people to understand about our industry? The breadth of technical and business challenges we face, the wealth and depth of technology involved in oil and gas recovery, the diversity and talent of people in the industry, and the potential for exposure to international experience. What has given you your greatest source of professional satisfaction and accomplishment in the industry? My best memories are about people and the challenges we faced together, about commitment, camaraderie, and teamwork. We accomplish so much by pulling together and giving our best. I am grateful and proud to have worked with awesome women and men from all corners of the world. I have learned so much from them. What failure have you experienced that taught you a valuable lesson? At the beginning of my career a primary cause of my failures and frustrations was my narrow, technical view of the nature of problems. I had to move out of my comfort zone to look at problems from multiple perspectives, including stakeholders’ agendas, the competitive landscape, economics, and regulations. I struggled in the beginning because I had no models to follow, but over time adopting multiple perspectives became ingrained. That gave me confidence to continuously re-engineer my career, to try my hand at consulting, building organizations, running operations, P&L management, and executive leadership. In every position I filled during 26 years with Schlumberger and Baker, I was the first person to hold that title/job. Over your career, whom have you looked up to and respected for his or her contribution to your own development and career? I am most grateful to some of my bosses who early in my career gave me responsibilities that were way ahead of my capabilities at the time. They made my life hell for a while but the responsibility helped me grow fast. I have worked with outstanding professionals throughout my career, and I always looked up to those who demonstrate integrity under pressure. I have reported to some of them and many have reported to me. Integrity, fairness, and a genuine concern for those who work for you are the qualities I value most in leaders and that I always try to emulate. What traits do you most admire in a colleague? Integrity, competence, and teamwork. I like it when colleagues don’t take themselves too seriously. How would you advise a young manager to view an industry downturn—as an opportunity to prosper or a time to learn how to survive? Downturns are times to suck it up and to learn. In the business, you learn to focus, you dig deeper into your customers’ needs and costs, and you figure out how to position for eventual recovery. In your personal life, you learn about resilience, patience, and keeping your chin up, and you learn who your friends are. What will the industry be like in 10 years? Two thoughts. First, our industry will become even more knowledge and technology intensive. The digital transformation will run its course in the background, but in the foreground AI-based analytics, decision-making, and automation will deliver orders-of-magnitude 4 3 5 6 7 8 9