changes in productivity, how we manage risk, and how we manage the business. When you change a parameter in a process by an order of magnitude you fundamentally change the nature of the process. I expect we will see it happen in most E&P core processes. Second, operators are opening to “energy”—not just renewables but also utilities. This change will demand more diverse talent and create opportunities for new businesses. What do you do to relax and have fun? For years I have kept a notebook with “things to do when I have time” (places to visit, apps to build, things to learn, ideas to develop, and so on). Now that I have more time, I enjoy travel with the family, and I get to cherry-pick. For example, my love of food and wine turned into starting a winery in Spain three years ago with two friends. Because I enjoy the outdoors, I set aside several weeks a year to walk pilgrimage routes around the world. Last fall I walked the 1,300-kilometer Shikoku 88-temple pilgrimage. This summer I am planning a three-country hike across the Alps with my daughter. What newspapers or magazines do you read? I dropped the newspaper format years ago and browse the news online, but I overindulge in a diet of magazines: The Economist, Wired, Fast Company, Bloomberg, JPT, MIT Technology Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Fortune, the list goes on. What motto, mantra or slogan have you adopted that best expresses how to live a good life? The golden rule is a keeper: Treat others as you wish to be treated. With time, the Buddhist teachings regarding how to live a good life have become very compelling. Qittitut by the Numbers 44 consultants 18 years of industry service 803 projects in 57 countries for 345 clients 4.75 out of 5.0 project performance index Qittitut Practice Areas Growth strategy: M&A, partnering, organic Market research, due diligence, opportunity analysis Sales force effectiveness Pricing optimization Product launch and commercialization Organizational development/performance management Lean Six Sigma process improvement Supply chain optimization – procurement, sourcing, S&OP and logistics Operating model and performance transformation 11 10 12