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Qittitut is uniquely positioned to help companies achieve revenue growth in business-to-business and industrial services and technologies markets. We are either brought in by a company directly, or we are brought in by their private equity or VC investors or their Board to help grow revenues and margins through

  • New business development, product launches and innovations in marketing, pricing, sales and communications
  • M&A opportunity analysis, due diligence and integration
  • Strategy and organizational development, process design and capital allocation, and performance management systems.

We have deep and substantive experience in oil and gas, oilfield services, IT and information services, utilities, telecoms, publishing, financial services and waste management.

Growth strategy

  • Assessment, development and execution
  • Due diligence (acquisition and partnering analysis)
  • New business opportunity analysis and entry strategies
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Pricing optimization
  • Sales force effectiveness and channel development


  • Brand audit, development, repositioning and rollout
  • Competitive assessment and technology watch
  • Corporate identity and marketing communications
  • Market assessment, segmentation, sizing and modeling
  • Market and customer value capture research via one-on-one office interviews, telephone and online surveys, focus groups and conjoint studies
  • Pricing analysis and program and policy development
  • Sales messaging
  • Satisfaction and loyalty program assessment and development

Market research

  • Gaining insights for a growth strategy
  • Entering a new market
  • Conducting due diligence on an acquisition or joint venture
  • Developing new brands, products or services, or repositioning existing brands
  • Assessing marketing, sales and support effectiveness
  • Determining customer perception and level of satisfaction or loyalty with product and service offerings
  • Evaluating a competitor's customer perception and level of satisfaction or loyalty to find weaknesses and to establish sales targets
  • Learning from the customer how to promote, sell and price your offering

Organizational development

  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • HR practices and process improvement
  • Management and sales compensation and incentives
  • Organizational effectiveness and performance management
  • Transition planning and implementation

Process improvement

  • Economic analysis, portfolio management and capital allocation
  • Lean Six Sigma consulting and training
  • Change management


  • Strategy, marketing, sales and pricing
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Management and employee development
  • Employee benefits and retirement
  • We hired Qittitut to help us develop and implement a Customer Excellence strategy designed to measure, improve and leverage the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers—and further differentiate us in the marketplace. Their expertise in this area and their ability to quickly understand our industry and culture were invaluable to our efforts. I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

    Director of Customer Excellence, Gas Pipeline Company

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