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We are usually hired to help solve problems like these:


“We’ve stopped growing. We need an unbiased view and fresh thinking on how we can profitably grow top-line revenues.”

“We’ve grown organically, and so most of our senior management team is operationally focused. We need to learn to think strategically and do a lot more analysis on growth options that we can implement.”

Risk and Portfolio Management

“We need to improve our understanding of how risk and portfolio management can improve our business.”

“We’re stuck on P/I ranking and IRR hurdle rates. There’s got to be a better way.”


“At the commodity end of our product line our salespeople are really getting beaten up on price—even though we know we deliver plenty of value beyond the competition.”

“Whenever we deliver true innovation we have a hard time capturing price premiums that are even a small fraction of the value we bring to the table.”

Strategic Accounts/Business Development

“There are some monster accounts that we’ve never been able to really crack open. There’s got to be a way for us to win that business.”

“There are substantial market sectors where we could add value, but we’re not even playing. There must be a low-risk business model that will let us get going there.”

“Some of our oldest customers who understand the value we bring best are also relatively low margin. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Organizational Development

“We need to become more marketing driven and get our R&D and sales organizations working much more effectively with marketing.”

“Our managers need to do a better job of identifying, coaching and retaining their high-potential players.”

“We need a way to engage more of our employees around our customer focus—and equip them to take our customers’ experience to the next level.”

Product Launch

“This big product launch later this year is a make-or-break for us. We’ve got to get this one right and improve our batting average on new products.”

“Last year’s product launch was kind of a fizzle, but we can’t afford to let the opportunity pass. Let’s figure out what went wrong and give it another good shot.”

“We’re guilty of leaking our products into the market. We don’t have the skills to develop a real commercialization plan and stick with it.”

  • We hired Qittitut to help us develop and implement a Customer Excellence strategy designed to measure, improve and leverage the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers—and further differentiate us in the marketplace. Their expertise in this area and their ability to quickly understand our industry and culture were invaluable to our efforts. I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

    Director of Customer Excellence, Gas Pipeline Company

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