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Client: Engineering software/solutions provider

Description: Founder-owned, <100 employees, later purchased by global publicly-held firm >with $10B in revenue.

Market/application: Large-scale oil and gas production systems. Mathematical engine for optimizing throughput and profitability for complex petroleum production systems.

Business challenge: Break through the revenue-per-customer ceiling. Shift customers’ perception of the product from a narrow technical tool to a strategic operational optimization solution.

Qittitut’s contribution to the business solution: Qittitut redefined the core offering with an average price point >10X higher and shifted the value proposition and selling focus from an engineering sell to an executive sell.

Results: Three successful new pilots led to company sale to a larger global player.

Client: Web-based transaction platform

Description: Government-owned, <50 employees

Market/application: High-value insurance and reinsurance in “overseas” markets.  Transaction platform for electronic placement and claims activity among insurance counterparties (brokers, insurers and reinsurers.)

Business challenge: Building a critical mass of membership and activity is critical to all web-based transaction network businesses. The traditional face-to-face, firm-by-firm selling process was proving too slow despite eager early adopters in the client’s home market.

Qittitut’s contribution to the business solution: Conceived and articulated new growth strategy, value proposition, and sales approach. Redefined process flow and key enhancements to software functionality to accelerate take-up. Segmented the global market. Developed activity-based revenue and cost model. Qittitut is currently deeply involved in sales and marketing implementation.

Results: Convinced highly conservative owners and London-centric Board to invest in the new approach. Additional investments in software development, sales and marketing have been approved. Implementation is currently in progress.

Client: Global major oilfield services firm

Description: Publicly held, >$20B in revenue

Market/application: Step-change in technology for commoditized aspect of well construction. Potential for worldwide applications in both onshore and offshore wells.

Business challenge: Revitalize a failed technology launch to realize a return on over 20 person-years of R&D effort invested.

Qittitut’s contribution to the business solution: Qittitut found the few successful and profitable implementations of the technology across 20 countries, identified large global opportunities that were similar to those successes. We then redefined the product’s value proposition and application focus to capture maximum value in those applications.

Results: $200,000 invested with Qittitut in re-launch achieved $80 million in revenue in 14 months following the engagement.

Client: Testing/simulation software provider

Description: Venture-capital-backed, <50 employees

Market/application: Maritime and offshore industries. Software-based simulation platform to improve and accelerate testing of complex electronic systems aboard large ships and offshore equipment.

Business challenge: Original business model had cost-based project focus. This failed to highlight value and capture sufficient margins in the highest-value market segments.

Qittitut’s contribution to the business solution: Targeted best market segments and identified their key value drivers. Redefined and repackaged existing offerings to focus intensively on delivering that value.

Results: Client succeeded in tying pricing to value delivered, increasing their pricing as they expanded their offerings to higher-value vessel classes. 18 months later, the company completed their third-round of venture financing with a substantial increase in valuation.

Client: Engineering information provider

Description: Founder-owned, <50 employees

Market/application: Oil and gas companies’geology and geophysics technical staffs. Uniquely structured global database of geological information.

Business challenge: After an early period of rapid entrepreneurial growth, revenue and profits plateaued. The original business model ran out of opportunities to increase sales within satisfied customers.

Qittitut’s contribution to the business solution: Redefined and repackaged the existing information offering. Created new value-added solution offerings. Created new value proposition and sales approach.

Results: Within 12 months, revenue per customer from top customers increased from $100,000 to $1 million to $2 million each. Company revenue and profitability increased >5X within four years.

Client: Global oilfield services company and equipment manufacturer

Market/application: Oil and gas companies’producing wells worldwide.

Business challenge: Improve margins.

Qittitut’s contribution to the business solution: Launched global sales and pricing initiative including new programs, policies and training.

Results: Within 12 months, $25 million in incremental margins were delivered from a total investment in program development and training of $587.000.

Client: Emerging alternative energy technology provider

Market/application: Gas-to-liquids technology

Business challenge: Size the market for disruptive technology and secure additional investment.

Qittitut’s contribution to the business solution: Conducted blind global study of executive decision-makers to gauge interest and identify road blocks to technology take-up.

Results: Within 4 weeks, the study was concluded and the interview results convinced investors to make the next round of funding.

  • We hired Qittitut to help us develop and implement a Customer Excellence strategy designed to measure, improve and leverage the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers—and further differentiate us in the marketplace. Their expertise in this area and their ability to quickly understand our industry and culture were invaluable to our efforts. I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

    Director of Customer Excellence, Gas Pipeline Company

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