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Client testimonials

You can get a sense of our working style and results by reading what our past clients have to say about Qittitut Consulting.


We engaged Qittitut to design and conduct a satisfaction survey for 500 global users of our Corporate Accounting services. Their knowledge of our business, client satisfaction strategies and survey experience was invaluable on this project. The work they did was instrumental in helping us clarify and organize our global service approach, as well as pinpoint ideas for improving customer satisfaction. We will not hesitate to use them again.

Financial Process Manager, Geophysical Contractor

We have been using Qittitut’s executive coaching services for over a year now and have been very pleased with the process and results. Not only is their approach well organized and rigorous, but our Qittitut coach was very quick to hone in on both the key issues and root cause of those issues, and had the depth of experience needed to present workable solutions and techniques for dealing with those issues. I would highly recommend them to any organization looking for outside coaching support to help take their performance to the next level.

Vice President and CIO, Oilfield Services Company

Working through the course of a year with Bill Diggons and Peter Foster was great. They have the experience and knowledge base gained from their vast number of clients that made the efforts and results of our Customer Value Program that much better.

Commercial Project Manager, Oilfield Services Company

I have found the Qittitut team to provide clear and highly perceptive insights, to propose options that are based on the real world and the real problem and to listen attentively to the feedback from their client so that they are always building the confidence of the client that the dialogue is practical and real rather than academic or pre-conceived.

Vice Chairman, Financial Services

Qittitut has helped shift our culture in a needed customer-focused direction.

Product Line Manager, Oilfield Services Company

As a specialized software company we have tried several marketing consulting firms in our search for one that understands the oil patch. Qittitut is the first that has demonstrated a firm grasp of the problems and opportunities associated with promoting and selling software in oil and gas. While on retainer with KSI, they have shown real knowledge of our industry, and their advice and counsel has been beneficial in our efforts to grow our business.

COO, Software Technology

We hired Qittitut to help us develop and implement a Customer Excellence strategy designed to measure, improve and leverage the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers—and further differentiate us in the marketplace. Their expertise in this area and their ability to quickly understand our industry and culture were invaluable to our efforts. I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

Director of Customer Excellence, Gas Pipeline Company

Qittitut's support in our partnering campaign was quite helpful. They gave us access to decision-makers at firms that were not on our radar screen and guidance in our discussions.

Director of Business Development, Software Technology

Qittitut has consistently provided great insight, creativity and experience on every project I have worked on with them. Their consultants are extremely bright and, as veterans in the industry, are able to view issues in a different dimension than those entrenched in the current business problem. Extremely thoughtful, precise, professional and lots of fun.

Market Research Analyst, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut is quick on the uptake with no learning curve and a great ability to draw on deep experience and network to add value. In our particular case, the S3 marketing approach developed by Qittitut has become the backbone of our go-to-market strategy, which enhanced customer engagement, improved our pricing, and enabled the company to start offsetting R&D costs to the customer. Their work has also improved our connection to the customer. The project was developed extraordinarily quickly and was an excellent value.

CEO, EOR Technology

Having been part of the Qittitut Consulting team that was engaged to help on the growth strategy for us, Peter Foster agreed to come on board as interim President of the Americas to rapidly implement key elements of the strategic plan in the region. He had an immediate impact by energizing the technical and business development organizations to operate with an increased focus on the customer. Combined with his easy-going leadership style of empowerment and personal responsibility, the region delivered more than 50% growth in three successive quarters. In the process he has created a high-performance team that is poised for long-term success and made a lot of friends with both staff and customers.

COO, E&P Software Company

We engaged Qittitut on a project and then on a retainer basis to help us launch and market a major new product. Qittitut helped us achieve a step change in strategy. As a result we are now interacting with our key target clients in the way we envisaged back at the start.

Managing Director, Software Technology

The process we went through with Bill Diggons has allowed us to identify several potential avenues for growth.

CEO, Geophysical Contractor

Consultants: You lend them your watch; they tell you the time; and then they keep your watch. This thought was languishing at the back of my mind when I engaged Qittitut to assist us with high-technology pre-product launch strategic planning. My perception could not have been further from the truth. Working with Bill and his team was an eye-opening, rewarding and educational experience. Qittitut brought structure to our thinking. They helped us distill our internal knowledge with external client value drivers to effectively inform our decision-making.

Director, Technical Marketing, Oilfield Services Company

Good balance on project between strategy and having something tangible.

VP Marketing, Oilfield Services Company

The people at Qittitut are not only brilliant marketing experts, they are also entrepreneurs that understand our practical business concerns.

CEO, Gas-to-Liquids Technology

Being a specialized oilfield service company since 1982, we have weathered many economic cycles. As a result of those cycles, our focus had become limited and very blurred. Qittitut became embedded with our sales professionals. They listened, asked questions, suggested alternatives, and then mapped out a path toward growth. The path was well defined on values and broad enough to effectively address the needs of our vast market base. Qittitut has remained a strong and reliable resource as our company continues to expand and be more profitable.

VP Sales, Marketing & Customer Service, Environmental Services

I have worked with many vendors and consulting firms throughout my career as a Project and Program Manager and have never seen another that so effectively packages professionalism, knowledge, customer service and financial stewardship. Not only is your level of service impeccable, the way in which you manage the contractual side of the business makes it extremely easy for your customers to work with you.

Project Manager, Oilfield Software Company

Qittitut has provided outstanding service to our company, their expertise in their various lines of service is outstanding. We trust them as a business partner whether we are looking for strategic or operational change solutions. Our profitable growth at US Liquids of Louisiana would not have been possible if not for their contributions.

CEO, Environmental Services

Peter Smith did a great job introducing us to key buyers in Petrobras. We achieved more in a few days with Peter than we could have done with months of conventional selling.

VP Marketing & Sales, High-Tech Startup

Qittitut's work was a real eye opener and has inspired us to do some serious "soul searching" and strategic planning around sales and marketing, both long- and short-term. Bill helped the group focus on gaps in their existing approach and also provided some excellent tools for gaining both quick and sustainable wins.

Marketing Manager, Oilfield Services Company

Overall they provided some great insight into our industry and how our customers buy products. Also gave our sales people the confidence to seek price.

Product Line Manager, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut was instrumental in helping us develop our new long-term strategic plans to support the new business operating model. The in-depth knowledge brought to the table was key to our success in navigating through the different product lines and making sense of the region operations needs. After working with others, we have learned that Qittitut has the depth of experience, the right tools, and the best people to help us achieve our goals.

Manager of Special Projects, Oilfield Services Company

Preparation on their behalf is outstanding, delivery is effective, and management of session time is superb. Since our initial Qittitut training session, our company revenues have increased fivefold. Without question, Qittitut was a major reason for our success. Their team of well-trained, very experienced and thoroughly prepared presenters handled our crusty, set-in-their-ways oilfield sales force pros in a manner that would make believers out of anyone. Look at the numbers. It is my strong position the "Qittitut effect" was the confidence builder my team desperately needed and warmly received from Qittitut.

VP Sales, Marketing & Customer Service, Environmental Services

Qittitut came in, quickly identified the issues, invested heavily in understanding our business, product and markets, helped us develop simple but innovative solutions and gave us the road map to implement them. They are highly professional, transparent, deliver according to plan and at reasonable cost.

CEO, Financial Services

We found Qittitut’s customer value capture research and marketing and account-cracking strategies to be laser focused on helping us land marquee reference accounts for our new technology. Their knowledge of oil/gas and their extensive network of contacts have been helpful in developing our growth strategy and business development plans. We enjoy working with them.

President/CEO, Software Technology

Qittitut provides knowledgeable and professional consulting services to the petroleum industry. Their tacit knowledge of energy technologies and how they fit into each organization is a key advantage they have over other consultants. This knowledge, combined with their industry social network, allows them to perform well on a variety of tasks from the development of strategy, training, facilitation and front line sales and marketing tasks.

Director of Solutions, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut have delivered pricing insight into our business by quickly gaining a detailed understanding of our challenges and proposing commercially effective solutions to win customers.

CFO, Financial Services

I like Qittitut's approach to consulting. They roll up their sleeves and jump with you into the trenches. It's more of a "partner" approach.

Corporate Development Manager, Waste Management Services Company

The investment we made with Qittitut in value selling and pricing is the best money we spent on anything during my 4 years at this firm.

CFO, Oilfield Services Company

We found the services of Bill and his team at Qittitut to be very professional and prompt, and we are satisfied in every way by the service.

CEO, Oilfield Services Company

I am convinced that if it was not for the work we did with Qittitut we would not have been able to hold prices the way we have in the downturn. The essence of what they delivered was the “psychological Viagra” we needed to hold the line with the customer.

EVP & COO, Oilfield Services Company

Bill Diggons and his team have brought us valuable new perspectives and expertise in the area of sales and client focus, which will transform our business and grow the top line.

Senior VP Commercial, Oilfield Transportation Company

What I enjoyed most about the workshop were the role plays, setting competitive sales traps, and the economic value analysis calculator and benefits-value tree.

Sales Manager, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut was a clear choice when our young company needed marketing help. The learning curve for our technology is not insignificant, but everyone at Qittitut we worked with came already up to speed and ready to hit the ground running. The industry perspective their consultants brought was invaluable, and their guidance helped us make important strategic decisions for our growing business.

CEO, Oilfield Services Company

The tools to help us increase pricing were the most valuable part of the workshop; total cost of operations EVA analysis will help us capture more value and using points of parity/differentiation and unique value props will help us sell more effectively.

Region Manager, Oilfield Services Company

The staff at Qittitut had the right balance of industry experience and sales and marketing experience to deliver exactly the results we needed from our project. The research was solid, and the final presentation of the project to our management team was delivered at a perfect level of detail.

VP Global Energy Markets, High-Tech Startup

The sales role plays and elevator speeches were very helpful—even to an experienced salesman like me.

Corporate Account Executive, Oilfield Services Company

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the input you have provided to us since startup. Your notes, advice and introductions to key people have been greatly appreciated and have really helped us to get a better understanding of the U.S. market and the competitive landscape.

CEO, Oilfield Services Company

Very effective team with a hugely diverse industry experience. These guys can get it done!

CEO, Oilfield Manufacturer

Qittitut did a very professional job for us with our long-term strategic planning. Given the five segments of our business, they did a very good job wrapping it all together, thinking outside the box, and opening us up to new ideas. The final product, which we accomplished through Qittitut's facilitation, was one we owned. Our Board was particularly impressed with the plan we presented and the work behind it. Qittitut also helped on the presentation material to best communicate our plan.

Chairman, Drilling Company

Thanks for all the time and dedication. The programs developed are key to growing our sales culture.

Strategic Marketing Director, Oilfield Services Company

Consummate professionals. Leveraged their knowledge, experience and industry contacts in a productive and unique way. The end product was valuable, timely and actionable.

President, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut is a very qualified sales consulting organization who brought some real value to our business. I would recommend them to other firms seeking ways to improve their brand image or leverage their sales activities to achieve better financial results. Qittitut is also very good at market research assisting firms that are seeking growth opportunities for expanding their businesses.

VP/General Manager, Environmental Services

I enjoy working with Qittitut consultants. They are helpful and knowledgeable and met our tight time schedules.

VP HR, Oilfield Services Company

Thanks for your understanding and support during the Competitive Selling & Pricing workshop. Having new knowledge is always a great help in giving continuity to our professonal lives, as well as in supporting Weatherford in its efforts to grow the company.

Business Development, Oilfield Services Company

Working with Bill and Marty is always a wonderful experience. They have a wonderful balance between business experience, personal effectiveness and urgency. Kristi really understands our business and processes. She was invaluable in documenting some excruciating detail in our processes. She has a great combination of people skills and the ability to organize data and processes.

Director of Customer Excellence, Gas Pipelines

I like Qittitut’s approach. It’s the way consulting should be conducted. They roll up their sleeves and jump with you into the trenches. It is a real “partnering” approach.

Corporate Development Manager, Environmental Services Company

Thanks for the excellent work you have done to help bring the group together and get us started on the path to greater success. Qittitut’s assessment, workshop and meeting facilitation have done much to help everyone understand where we are, where we want to go, and how we will get there.

Senior Marketing Manager, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut has delivered a series of training programs and tools that have given us the confidence and expertise to shift our sales methodology from competing on price to competing on value.

Commercial Development Manager, Oilfield Transportation Company

Bill Thomas is a quintessential professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. I appreciate the depth of knowledge and expert-level skills that he brings to coaching and project management. I’d work with him again in a second. He adds tremendous value.

HR, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut’s training program is an eye opener whether the student is experienced or a novice. The approach adopted in the course material guides students and/or participants toward the very base of business growth via sales, pricing and marketing techniques—an approach that is generally overlooked by sales and marketing professionals who, based on their own experiences, their relationship with clients and tough challenges from their superiors to meet targets, tend to adopt an easy approach to bringing in business and consider it to be the best option. In doing so, it is very common to throw away valued premium technology at or below the prices of inferior and costly technology of peers or competitors. More importantly, I found that this course most certainly helps students understand their clients’ approach and intentions to get the job done at the lowest possible cost to them. It also teaches students profit/loss measurement techniques which, if applied before signing off, can assure whether to accept, deny or renegotiate the business deal.

Controller, Oilfield Services Company

When our company ran into performance and interpersonal difficulties within its U.S. sales operations, Qittitut consultants efficiently analyzed and diagnosed the key issues. They provided customized remedial solutions, delivered by highly professional and credible individuals, that helped us realign and reconnect our team. The net result was a major change in attitude and a measurable improvement in performance.

CEO, Oilfield Services Company

I have engaged Qittitut on strategy, pricing, competitive analysis and sales training projects. Their prices are reasonable, the quality of the work is exceptional, and they have deep knowledge of the industry. The revenue/value generated from the work far exceeds the cost of services when the end project is reviewed.

CEO, Environmental Services

We initially started using Qittitut for management coaching almost two years ago and have found them to be highly effective. From helping our people develop broader management perspectives, to handling difficult situations to communicating effectively with executives, they have been an integral part of our efforts to further develop our leaders. Many of our managers have continued their Qittitut coaching relationship beyond the formal coaching program, and I continue to use Qittitut as a personal sounding board and confidant.

President, Geophysical Contractor

  • We hired Qittitut to help us develop and implement a Customer Excellence strategy designed to measure, improve and leverage the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers—and further differentiate us in the marketplace. Their expertise in this area and their ability to quickly understand our industry and culture were invaluable to our efforts. I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

    Director of Customer Excellence, Gas Pipeline Company

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