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Overall they provided some great insight into our industry and how our customers buy products. Also gave our sales people the confidence to seek price.

Product Line Manager, Oilfield Services Company

Very effective team with a hugely diverse industry experience. These guys can get it done!

CEO, Oilfield Manufacturer

Preparation on their behalf is outstanding, delivery is effective, and management of session time is superb. Since our initial Qittitut training session, our company revenues have increased fivefold. Without question, Qittitut was a major reason for our success. Their team of well-trained, very experienced and thoroughly prepared presenters handled our crusty, set-in-their-ways oilfield sales force pros in a manner that would make believers out of anyone. Look at the numbers. It is my strong position the "Qittitut effect" was the confidence builder my team desperately needed and warmly received from Qittitut.

VP Sales, Marketing & Customer Service, Environmental Services

Thanks for all the time and dedication. The programs developed are key to growing our sales culture.

Strategic Marketing Director, Oilfield Services Company

We found Qittitut’s customer value capture research and marketing and account-cracking strategies to be laser focused on helping us land marquee reference accounts for our new technology. Their knowledge of oil/gas and their extensive network of contacts have been helpful in developing our growth strategy and business development plans. We enjoy working with them.

President/CEO, Software Technology

Qittitut is a very qualified sales consulting organization who brought some real value to our business. I would recommend them to other firms seeking ways to improve their brand image or leverage their sales activities to achieve better financial results. Qittitut is also very good at market research assisting firms that are seeking growth opportunities for expanding their businesses.

VP/General Manager, Environmental Services

Qittitut have delivered pricing insight into our business by quickly gaining a detailed understanding of our challenges and proposing commercially effective solutions to win customers.

CFO, Financial Services

Thanks for your understanding and support during the Competitive Selling & Pricing workshop. Having new knowledge is always a great help in giving continuity to our professonal lives, as well as in supporting Weatherford in its efforts to grow the company.

Business Development, Oilfield Services Company

The investment we made with Qittitut in value selling and pricing is the best money we spent on anything during my 4 years at this firm.

CFO, Oilfield Services Company

I like Qittitut’s approach. It’s the way consulting should be conducted. They roll up their sleeves and jump with you into the trenches. It is a real “partnering” approach.

Corporate Development Manager, Environmental Services Company

I am convinced that if it was not for the work we did with Qittitut we would not have been able to hold prices the way we have in the downturn. The essence of what they delivered was the “psychological Viagra” we needed to hold the line with the customer.

EVP & COO, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut has delivered a series of training programs and tools that have given us the confidence and expertise to shift our sales methodology from competing on price to competing on value.

Commercial Development Manager, Oilfield Transportation Company

What I enjoyed most about the workshop were the role plays, setting competitive sales traps, and the economic value analysis calculator and benefits-value tree.

Sales Manager, Oilfield Services Company

Qittitut’s training program is an eye opener whether the student is experienced or a novice. The approach adopted in the course material guides students and/or participants toward the very base of business growth via sales, pricing and marketing techniques—an approach that is generally overlooked by sales and marketing professionals who, based on their own experiences, their relationship with clients and tough challenges from their superiors to meet targets, tend to adopt an easy approach to bringing in business and consider it to be the best option. In doing so, it is very common to throw away valued premium technology at or below the prices of inferior and costly technology of peers or competitors. More importantly, I found that this course most certainly helps students understand their clients’ approach and intentions to get the job done at the lowest possible cost to them. It also teaches students profit/loss measurement techniques which, if applied before signing off, can assure whether to accept, deny or renegotiate the business deal.

Controller, Oilfield Services Company

The tools to help us increase pricing were the most valuable part of the workshop; total cost of operations EVA analysis will help us capture more value and using points of parity/differentiation and unique value props will help us sell more effectively.

Region Manager, Oilfield Services Company

I have engaged Qittitut on strategy, pricing, competitive analysis and sales training projects. Their prices are reasonable, the quality of the work is exceptional, and they have deep knowledge of the industry. The revenue/value generated from the work far exceeds the cost of services when the end project is reviewed.

CEO, Environmental Services

The sales role plays and elevator speeches were very helpful—even to an experienced salesman like me.

Corporate Account Executive, Oilfield Services Company

  • We hired Qittitut to help us develop and implement a Customer Excellence strategy designed to measure, improve and leverage the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers—and further differentiate us in the marketplace. Their expertise in this area and their ability to quickly understand our industry and culture were invaluable to our efforts. I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

    Director of Customer Excellence, Gas Pipeline Company

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